Let AppOne recreational lending experts show you how to make your customer funding fast and easy.

Eliminate wasted time and expenses with a simple, digital process that guarantees accurate forms packages and elevates the customer F&I experience.

Let us show you how seamless the F&I process can be:

  • Submit applications with complete, lender-specific deal paperwork.
  • Collect electronic signatures and ensure none are missed.
  • Track contracts and funding status within the platform.

Make your F&I workflow work for you by digitizing steps, accessing lender paperwork and decisions quickly, and providing a flexible experience for your customers. 

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“Before August 2023, our F&I process utilized both our DMS and Dealertrack for contracting, each of them supplying what the other lacked. There had been discussions about making a change. The dealership needed a way to make each step of our contracting process centralized, as opposed to going back and forth between two systems and double-entering data.

“These issues cost time and money, and opened Windish RV up to risk. I used AppOne at two previous employers and realized it’s a must-have. The switch was made in August 2023. The problems that added extra steps and slowed the dealership down were now eliminated.

AppOne ensures that mistakes don’t get made and helps our business keep every step streamlined and hassle-free.”

Windish RV

Eric Smith
Finance Manager
Windish RV

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